Sent From the Future

 Mindfulness Coach

and Facilitator

Haven't we always said "if I could go back in time, I would treat myself with more compassion and tell myself that everything is going to be okay." It is easier to forgive ourselves in hindsight, so Kim teaches us to embrace who we are in the present moment and to build genuine connection to and acceptance of ourselves as we are.

Based in Manhattan Beach, California, Sent from the Future founder and teacher Kim Digilio draws on her personal and professional experiences to share her philosophy.  As a young woman who struggled with self-image, and now as a mother, coach, and teacher, Kim builds that self-acceptance and empowerment in each of her clients.


Through meditation, Kim's love of images and words creates a nurturing, secure space in which clients can pause their daily lives and to do's to listen to their heart, mind, and breath.  Kim's voice will guide you to new depths of stillness and help you cultivate a deeper connection to yourself.

As a college counselor with former admissions experience, Kim encourages her teenage clients to build an applicant profile that fully conveys who they are and what they can contribute to a college environment.  Kim weaves meditation, free-writing techniques, and stress reduction strategies to support high schoolers through what can be a daunting process.

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Photo Credit: Pete Halvorsen Photography