Kim grew up in the Washington DC area, where she excelled as a student, multi-sport athlete and all-around Type A overachiever.  She attended Princeton University and studied at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, devoting the majority of her extracurricular life to the top-ranked Women’s Crew/Rowing team.  She graduated from Princeton in 1995 and worked for Princeton Admissions and then as VP of Marketing for a San Diego-based company before returning to school to earn her MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 2001. 


To escape the stress of graduate school life, Kim started practicing yoga at the local gym.  She has been practicing ever since, but it wasn’t until her diagnosis in 2010 of an autoimmune disease that startled her to seek a healthier, more accepting, and forgiving existence. 


Kim has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training, all with world-renowned teacher Annie Carpenter, which included the development of a consistent meditation practice.   Presently, Kim teaches public and private meditation sessions and yoga classes, all of which focus on cultivating self-acceptance and forgiveness.


Her mission is to help others find inner peace by letting go of judgment, often manifesting as the “shoulds/woulds/coulds” and the “not enoughs” that clutter the mind, to embrace the present moment as it is. 


She lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband Dave, children Alex and Ella, and dogs Gizmo and Maggie.