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Holistic College Counseling: Building a Genuine Applicant Profile

"Kim was an enormous help in my son’s college decision journey.  Christian is my eldest child so we did not have experience in the process and were finding it to be quite overwhelming.   

Kim’s calm demeanor kept us centered and on schedule, and her organic approach to brainstorming for the essays really encouraged Christian to find his true voice and emotions. From our first meeting, I knew we were in very capable hands and were working with someone who really cared about our family.  She was one of the first people we called when Christian received his first acceptance!  I highly recommend working with Kim – you will have a mentor and a friend in your corner."  --- Parent L.P.  

"Applying for college is stressful. We are fortunate to have had Kim Digilio to bridge the gap between anxious parent and anxious son. Her patience, insights and encouragement were invaluable to us all." --- Parents A.C. and B.C.

"With patience, Kim Digilio guided me through every step of the college admission process. She was responsive and easy to talk to, offering advice and always pushing me to be my best. She understands the college process well and gave me confidence through it. I highly recommend her. " --- Senior G.C.  

Having navigated the stressful college application process to study at Princeton University, Kim spent two years after graduation as an Undergraduate Admissions Officer, visiting schools and meeting or interviewing students, giving admissions presentations to prospective students and families, and reading thousands of applications.

The applications that impressed her the most?  Not the ones with the longest lists of activities or the best test scores, but the ones of young men and women who conveyed an authentic sense of self and genuine passion for their interests.  

Through conversation, meditation-based exercises, and free-writing essays to find their stories, teens will find, nurture, and cultivate their voices.   And they will be able to tell their stories.



* 5 hours - 3  one hour in-person/Zoom meetings, with up to 2 hours editing time (recommended for 10 or fewer schools)

* Individual hourly consultations, billed weekly or monthly

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